Sunday, August 2, 2015

Get Your Stuff at Ebay


Have you ever experienced doing online shopping with ebay before? 
Well, as for the introduction, ebay is a well-known e-commerce player from America which basically offering all kind of goods under one website. 
From fashion items to gadgets, all can be purchased by you with easy online transactions.

I think most Malaysian is kinda familiar with rather than ebay. 
I would say the concept is pretty similar but in ebay, you have to bid for the good in order to complete the transaction. 
In other word, the highest bidder wins! The highest bidder a.k.a the buyer must pay for the item plus shipping and also the handling fees. 
While the reseller will packages and sends the item to the buyer.

And for your information too, ebay is one of the most trusted e-commerce and has widely used globally. 
So if you want to have your first experience with ebay now, I would suggest you to visit Shopback Malaysia ( first as you’ll be getting additional promotions, coupons and cashback!

But how it works? Well, ebay is one of the affiliated partners or merchants that featured under Shopback Malaysia. 
Just make your online purchase as usual at ebay through shopback and your cashback will be credited to your account within 1-3 working days. 
The cashback you’ll be getting is actually some portion of commission received by Shopback from ebay. 
What a wonderful way to have your first experience at ebay and see ebay latest promotions here .

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